Mindfulness Meditation

Improve Energy, wellbeing, happiness, focus and concentration

Why Meditation?


Meditation in general concept is the process of training our ordinary mind to better manage its thoughts, emotions, and feelings, in order to become relaxed, think more clearly and live a healthier, happier, and mindful life. This simple mind-training exercise will bring clarity and awareness to our minds, by starting a mindfulness meditation practice regularly, you will develop the ability to respond wisely instead of reacting blindly.

Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation in general concept is the process of training our ordinary mind to better manage its thoughts, emotions, and feelings, in order to become relaxed, think more clearly, and live a healthier, happier, and mindful life. This simple mind-training exercise will bring clarity and awareness to our minds, by practicing regularly, you will develop the ability to respond wisely instead of reacting blindly. 

Mindfulness meditation is simply the process of noticing our experience in the present moment, and being non-judgmental about any emotions or thoughts arise; in another word, Mindfulness is non-judgmental awareness of the present moment. Close your eyes to see how Mindfulness creates space. It replaces implosive reactions with thoughtful responses.

Mindfulness helps with emotional regulation, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, decision-making and much more……

Benefits  of Meditation

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Cultivate mindful energy
  • Enhance Immune System
  • Energy Boost
  • Happiness
  • Increased creativity
  • Sleep disturbance & insomnia
  • Access to inherent intelligence
  • Learn deep breathing techniques
  • Spirit counseling
  • Reduces pain and muscle tension
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Increase awareness
  • Increase clarity
  • Better focus your attention
  • Lower the blood pressure and keep the body running at its best
  • Increase the tolerance level of the people
  • Empower the will, commitment, purpose
  • Increased compassion
  • Lower violence and conflict
  • Improve communications and relationships
  • Increase productivity
  • More energy and sense of happiness


Gita Nilforoush is the founder of Meditation for all ages. She is a certified meditation instructor that has been studying Buddhism philosophy and meditation practices for over 25 years with well-known meditation masters and teachers both nationally and internationally.

Meditate and give your mind a break to regain energy and intelligence

Most people have been consuming their natural mind power on a daily basis without regaining it. Therefore natural peace and power of the mind will be reduced in the course of their lives, and gradually they become frustrated and cause suffering. Daily Meditation and mindfulness techniques are a simple yet profound way to gently return to the harmony of noticing your mind, emotions, rising and falling breathing. By doing the practice, people will be able to be calmer, healthier and a happier person; being at peace with themselves; work more efficiently and productively; have the courage and will to make substantial differences; be able to concentrate better and make the right decisions, and have wisdom of true perceptions in their lives. A practice of daily meditation will increase the clarity of the mind, where one can get access to the intelligent within itself; become more sensitive to intuitions; be more creative and live happier and more successful lives.

Benefits of the physical sensation of breathing will soon be noticed in all areas of one’s life, by starting with a simple daily 15 minutes mindfulness meditation exercise. In summary, the hardships and challenges of living in today’s world give us the responsibility to find ways of bringing order and healing to it. The daily practice of mindfulness meditation will protect us from being identified only with our thoughts and emotions. It will help us to live in this moment consciously and with the ability to be fully present, free of the mind wandering. We will gain the ability to focus and pay attention, even when you noticing your mind wandering. Simple body scans will bring your attention to peace of mind and heart, calmness, concentration, and happiness that we seek. Researchers are producing mountains of evidence that meditation can boost satisfaction, improve health and reduce burnout. Various studies – many of them completed or underway at U of T itself – have shown that the effect of mindfulness exercises can result in increased immune response and brain activity, as well as mindfulness-based stress reduction.

“Mindfulness is the awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally.” 

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Kevin N

“Where can I start about the amazing and life-changing benefits that I have experienced ever since I started taking classes at Meditation For All Ages? Mindfulness expert, Gita Nilforoush, teaches you how to incorporate meditation into your everyday life to improve your health and happiness. She has dedicated more than half of her life to studying, teaching, and advocating the benefits of mindfulness. She teaches you how to cultivate a mindfulness practice, reduce your stress, and soothe your thoughts with meditation and movement. Gita shares expert tips and guidance that meet you where you are. Let this class help you in making the most of being and also feeling alive.”

Emily, C

My 8 year old son, my 6 year old daughter, and I were desperate to find some peace in our afternoons.  Gita showed us how to breathe, get in touch with our feelings- physical and emotional, practice sending kind thoughts, and be mindful with daily activities like eating, walking, and seeing.  Gita has a wonderful and patient way of explaining things, and she was able to reach us all and help us manage our distractions.  She uses techniques and stories that interest children and we were given short activities we could practice at home to reinforce our learning. Now we communicate better and live more mindfully and we are so grateful!

Sofya V

I have been meditating for the past two years, mostly using guided meditation apps and attending group sessions. Although I benefited from those forms of meditation, it was not until I took a 9 week personalized mindful meditation course taught by Gita Nilforoush that my practice became disciplined and I finally learned what mindfulness really means. Gita is an excellent instructor, she made me feel so at ease, and I was looking forward to each meditation course because I knew I would learn yet another important tool to implement into my everyday life. Gita guided me week after week into various mindfulness practices and explained my personal hurdles in a way that made sense to me and I was immediately able to implement her teachings into my daily routine. Honestly, this course helped me more than seeing my therapist, or any other workshop/self improvement practice that I have tried in the past. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to take this course, and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their current practice or learn to meditate.

Faraz D

After going through a stormy period of life, I began experiencing anxiety. I reached out to Gita for help. She patiently worked with me and taught me how to meditate and apply different techniques when I experience anxiety. I also suffer from chronic body pain. Gita guided me to make a connection with inner body and send love to every cell. Thank you Gita. You thought me to send healing love to my painful body. It works. 

Shane P

Gita’s 8-week meditation course gave me the tools to effectively incorporate mindfulness into my daily challenges. As an experienced meditator, I did not think that meditation courses had much to offer me. However, I did struggle with consistency in my practice, which is arguably the most important component.

Gita took mindfulness down to the bare essentials, which made it easy for me to stay on track with my practice. Now I have a solid regular practice and I owe that to Gita’s simple program. Her relaxing presence was reassuring, helping me to build my daily routine. I still use her mini meditations daily; they are quick and leave me feeling refreshed and ready to attack my day!

Shiva A

I suffered from anxiety and panic attack almost everyday in two years. I tried everything to  reduce my pain and make them go away from me . I was under many medications for my panic attack and anxiety which I couldn’t live without them . My biggest fear was I running out of my pills or forgot to have them somewhere I go. I was so fortunate to see Gita and become familiar with the mindfulness meditation. She teaches me the best technique of breathing and bringing the awareness  to whole of my body . Gita’s 8 weeks meditation helps me to extend my kindness and more forgiveness towards first myself and then my friends. By learning her meditation I can control my stress and feeling peaceful .At the end , I cut all of my medications . I feel great  and very thankful for learning mindfulness meditation by Gita.

Rej P

Because Gita’s way is repeatable with ease, I have been able to drive greater focus to my goals. I am more resilient in not getting easily distracted by peripheral shiny objects.

This benefit is one of the easier ones to describe from what I have been experiencing with the Mindfulness journey shared by Gita. I have also been clearer and more peaceful as I have kept with  practice.

If you want an easy, repeatable mindfulness journey where abundance waits, ask Gita to be your guide. 

Sallumeh M

Gita has been a huge driving force and motivation in my conscious shift toward not only a mindfulness practice but also way of life.  She has introduced me to so many different methods of meditation both in the form of a formal practice and also just in daily life routines.  Her passion and abundant knowledge on the subject of mindfulness and the brain has helped keep me motivated and looking forward to each and every session. She has also provided me with tools I can use forever and when I’m on my own, in any situation life brings my way!

Pantea P

I have personally tried many meditation programs before taking Gita’s meditation classes, ranging from online apps such as Calm and Headspace, to several in-person meditations classes. However, I found Gita’s 8 weeks program much more effective as it was personalized to my mindfulness needs. Through the sessions, Gita would observe my progress and needs, then tailor the mindfulness practices accordingly to help me gain maximum benefits. This allowed me to better understand my own meditative capacity, and learn what type of meditation works best for me and how and where I can use them.

I highly recommend Gita’s 8-week meditation program for whomever likes to embark on a mindfulness path, as the program introduces very effective techniques and empowers you to put them in use as needed throughout the day.

Samira S

I am so pleased for having a clear understanding about Mindfulness Meditation and how it can be helpful in my life. When I started my sessions with Gita, I was truly hopeless and sad and could not believe that I will be able to be back to a normal, stress free mood again. But it did happen right after the first class! Amazingly it did work for me very well and I kept getting better and better after each session. I am truly satisfied as not only I feel much better in my daily life but also that I have learned how to deal with my thoughts and emotions that I can say good bye to stress and sadness and start having a joyful life. Thank you so much Gita for all your caring and the way you taught me how to do, enjoy and get so much benefit from Mindfulness Meditation.

Brenda G

I think the biggest compliment I can give is that I always felt light and happy after the class. Your passion for the practice is clear and you certainly have inspired me to continue with Mindfulness Meditation. I had no idea what meditation was all about before the course. But I now have an understanding of the varied practices and how they are used. Meditation is a lifelong devotion and one I wish to continue for my lifetime. Thank you for bringing me to this point and sharing with me your knowledge and experience. I really enjoyed the course.

Maggie D

I’ve been meditating in groups or on my own for several years now so I didn’t expect much more out of my meditation experience with Gita beyond the accountability I always need help with. Boy, was I surprised! Meditating via Skype with Gita was nothing short of transformative. I can still feel every cell singing in my body. Our meditative partnership, informed by her gentle guidance, allowed me to access deep emotion and understand what’s really going on for me right now. I’m so appreciative of her powerful presence and the impact it’s had on me.

Zohreh R

Mindfulness meditation course byGita Nilfroush met more than my expectation. It was easy to follow and she was very competent and patient and the books she recommended will be very helpful with my future mindfulness meditation

Chris C

Just wanted to post a testimonial about my experience with Gita’s 8-week program. Like a lot of us, I have been struggling with anxiety and stress for a few years now. I had heard about mindfulness from a variety of sources, and thought I would look into it. 8 sessions later, I feel I am started down a clear path toward better wellbeing. Gita’s program took me through the steps so that I can effectively use meditation on a daily basis. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in learning more about mindfulness.

Afsi P

Gita ‘s meditation classes not only showed you how to do meditation, but WHY it should be an indispensable part of your daily routine. In Gita’s class, I learned the purpose and benefits of meditation beyond a conscious level. From her guided meditation classes, you get so much more than what you could learn from listening to online videos. Gita is an amazing teacher; easy to follow, easy to listen to & you will learn the meditation fundamentals of different methods and breathing techniques.

Her classes have been a great way for me to get back into meditating more frequently and see the improvement in the quality of my life.

Susan N

Hi I wanted to share the experience I have got when I was taught Mindfulness Meditation for the very first time by Gita , although it was just for one session, I realized by closing my eyes , taking a few deep breaths and concentrating on the tip of my nose…for around 20 minutes, I feel calmer , become more relax and happy. Since then I meditate every day after work on my way home on the train, and by doing it I gain energy and don’t feel tired at all after long hours working.

Nahid J

The energy and relaxation that I had was wonderful. I highly recommend for every one to try it. 

Negar B

I had a Zen like experience at a very calm and soothing atmosphere.

Carol M

Gita is that rare individual who has successfully integrated the best of her business/finance skills with a deep caring and understanding of people. The result is someone who you know you can trust, whether she’s managing sophisticated corporate finances or helping you identify your next best move. Her deep commitment to meditation and her superior intelligence combine to make her an outstanding leader in any endeavor. It was a privilege to work with her.


I have recently had zoom sessions of mindfulness meditation with Gita.

Excellent teaching and explanations. This experience has shed some much needed light on my current situation.

Stacey S

I started working with Gita in hopes of getting better and more consistent with meditation - which I viewed as a practice I would undertake for a few minutes each day. What I have come away with is more of a way of living, a way of noticing my emotions and thoughts without becoming so attached to them, a way of practicing forgiveness and gratitude, and a way of integrating the practice of meditation throughout my day. Overall this has led to me walking through my day-to-day feeling much more calm, connected, and present. Working with Gita has been a gift!

Dom R

I recently completed Gita's online course on meditation, and it has been a transformative experience for me. Gita's approach to meditation techniques is both accessible and profound, making it suitable for all ages. Whether you are a beginner or have years of experience, her course offers valuable insights and practices that enhance your meditation journey.

What sets this course apart is its structure as a continuing education program. Gita seamlessly integrates new meditation techniques with foundational practices, ensuring that participants continuously grow and deepen their understanding. The flexibility of the online format allowed me to learn at my own pace and revisit lessons whenever I needed a refresher.

Gita's genuine passion for meditation and her ability to connect with students of all ages make this course a unique and enriching experience. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to embark on or enhance their meditation practice.