Online Meditation Course 

Are you ready to join me on a self-awareness journey?

What you will learn in this course

Sessions will be introductory and easy to learn. The mindfulness lessons that offer stress-reduction tools, increase focus and productivity and brings happiness to your personal and professional life. Each session will build upon another.

In my 6 weeks mindfulness E course, you will receive practical techniques that can easily be incorporated into your day. You will learn to give your mind a break to relax and release all the tensions and stresses of daily life. You will learn to bring awareness to your thoughts, emotions, feelings and bodily sensations; observe them non-judgmentally and manage them mindfully. 

The course includes:

    • Introduction to Mindfulness: Mindful Body, Mindful Listening, Mindful Breathing (developing concentration & reducing stress)
    • Mindfulness of body & Brain Science (Self-Awareness)
    • Mindfulness of Thoughts & Emotions: Naming/ Labeling Emotions (Self- Regulation)
    • Loving Kindness, Heartfulness: Self- Compassion and Compassion for Other
    • Gratitude & Generosity: Soaking the Good (Developing a Habit of Appreciation)
    • Present Moment Awareness: Observing the mind, Identifying Responses Versus Reactions, Cultivating Self-Control and Choice (Social Awareness.

Learn how to live a mindful life

Become aware and live a happier, healthier and more harmonious life.