Corporate & Individual Mindfulness Programs

Bring mindfulness to individuals & organizations for a healthier work-life balance, using simple breathing exercises to more advanced techniques, we learn to observe and acknowledge our thoughts and emotions non-judgmentally in the moment and then let go of resistance and attachments. This clarity and order reduce stress and anxiety while building energy and healing. Techniques taught:


benefits of meditation training

What You Can Expect With Our Mindfulness Workshops

Introducing mindfulness training in the workplace is scientifically proven to improve focus in work environments. Adopting a guided meditations mindfulness program can also reduce healthcare costs and improve emotional intelligence.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness (Developing Concentration & Reducing Stress):
    Learn meditation techniques like mindful breathing, mindful listening, and mindful body awareness. These meditation sessions will help team members reduce stress and improve focus.

  • Mindfulness of Body & Brain Science (Self-Awareness):
    Understand the science behind self-awareness and how it contributes to effective stress management and overall well-being.

  • Mindfulness of Thoughts & Emotions (Self-Regulation):
    Practice naming and labeling emotions for better emotional self-regulation. Improve productivity by recognizing and managing stress effectively.

  • Corporate Mindfulness Program:
    Empower team members with meditation techniques that improve well-being, mental health, and productivity, ultimately benefiting the corporate financial bottom line.

  • Heartfulness, Self-Compassion, and Compassion for Others:
    Develop a compassionate mindset toward yourself and others through heart-centered meditation practices guided by an experienced mindfulness meditation teacher.

  • Gratitude & Generosity (Developing a Habit of Appreciation):
    Cultivate a habit of appreciation by soaking in the good and practicing gratitude and generosity.

  • Present Moment Awareness & Observing the Mind:
    Learn to identify responses versus reactions, cultivate self-control and choice, and improve social awareness through present-moment mindfulness techniques.

At the end of each meditation practice, there will be a Q&A period, a chance to share our mindfulness experience, and students may be instructed to meditate on their own, for 10 minutes or more daily, during the week.


Corporate Sessions

Executive mindfulness

Corporate meditation workshops scheduled weekly. This workshop will introduce clients to the concept of mindfulness as an essential life skill, including its connection to working effectively with others. Participants will learn several simple, accessible mindfulness techniques that can be practiced on their own to foster mindful leadership.

Group Sessions

Customized meditation classes

Group meditation classes scheduled weekly. This course is designed for adults age 18+. Sessions will be interactive, introductory mindfulness lessons that offer stress-reduction tools for personal and professional life.


For schools and colleges

Mindfulness based meditation workshops for all age groups scheduled weekly.Series of nine weeks, twice per week, based on Mindful Schools Curriculum for Adolescents

A survey by Fidelity Investments and the National Business Group on Health predicts that 22% of Fortune 500 companies will use mindfulness or brain training at the workplace this year.

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