Mindfulness Meditation Programs


We teach different types of mindfulness practices for different levels and groups. From using simple breathing exercises to more advanced techniques, we learn to observe and acknowledge our thoughts and emotions none judgmentally at the moment and letting go of resistance and attachments. This clarity and order reduce stress and anxiety while building energy and healing. Varieties of specific technics are offered:



Meditation For All Ages Eight weeks long  Core Program Summary:

Mindfulness is a big umbrella that covers many different kinds of secular meditation practices

This course is designed to teach the mind-training program to individuals empowering them to obtain the ability to do any types of mindfulness practices they have learnt regularly anytime anywhere upon completion of the course.

They learn to become self-aware and understand their own thoughts, emotions & feelings and manage them mindfully. They will learn to build up the space to replace impulsive reactions with thoughtful responses. In this eight weeks, I ask my clients to come to class virtually via FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp and other social media platforms, one-hour weekly in one on one, or small group setting.

The session starts with a talk about this practice, ten to twenty minutes guided meditation, observing the breath and bring awareness to present moment. Every week I introduce my clients to different methods of observation/ awareness of the body & mind. I use different techniques during guided meditation to work with their emotions, feelings, and bodily sensations, to understand them better, and learn how to release and let go of them. They learn how to relax their mind and body, how to give the mind a break to regain energy and mind power. They learn how to notice their own emotions, thoughts, and sensations non- judgmentally with kindness, and keep bringing their attention back to the moment when their mind wanders. They learn how to calm themselves when they become worried, angry or encountering any strong emotions.

During guided meditation I teach different type of mindfulness practices: mindful breathing, mindful listening, naming/labeling emotions, concentration, body scan, , practice grounding, mindful seeing, mild yoga movements, body awareness, gratefulness (gratitude& appreciation), loving-kindness (self-compassion & compassion for others), forgiveness & generosity (reconciliation with the self), and the practice to work with the pain and discomfort of the body.

At the end of the session, we have time for Q&A, sharing our mindfulness experience, and students will be instructed to meditate for a short period of time, 10 min daily, or do a few mini meditations during the week.


Online session

We offer tailored meditation 8-week programs online.


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Private meditation sessions

For the workplace

We offer tailored meditation workshops by advance appointment.


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Wordplace meditation

Group sessions

We can set up a scheduled meditation class on a weekly basis.


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Group sessions

Schools & Colleges

We offer different types of meditation workshops for all age groups by advanced appointment.


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Meditation for schools

1-Mindfulness for Beginners:

Everyday mindfulness, 8 sessions for 20 minutes, twice per week

   Cost: $300

2-Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation:

One Session for 1.5 hours

   Cost: $75

3- MFAA 4 weeks Mindfulness Meditation Course:

Weekly sessions for four weeks, 1 hour per session

     Cost:  $400

4- MFAA 8 weeks Mindfulness Meditation Course

    (Core Program):

Weekly sessions for eight weeks, 1 hour per session  (Highly Recommended)

     Cost: $800

5- Mindfulness Course for Adolescent, Grade 6-12

Series of nine weeks, twice per week, based on Mindful Schools Curriculum for Adolescents

     Cost: $500

6- Mindfulness Course for Kindergarten through grade 5

Series of nine weeks, twice per week, based on Mindful Schools Curriculum K – 5th Grades

     Cost: $500


Workshops for Businesses and School Faculties:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
  • Duration: Around 1.5 Hours
  • Cost: $250

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