Why Mindfulness Meditation

Most people have been consuming their natural mind power on a daily basis without regaining it. Therefore natural peace and power of the mind will be reduced in the course of their lives, and gradually they become frustrated and cause suffering. Regular practice of mindfulness meditation is a simple yet profound way to regain this power in harmony of mind and emotions. By doing the practice, people will be able to be calmer, healthier and a happier person; being at peace with themselves; work more efficiently and productively; have the courage and will to make substantial differences; be able to concentrate better and make the right decisions, and have wisdom of true perceptions in their lives. A practice of daily meditation will increase the clarity of the mind, where one can get access to the intelligent within itself; become more sensitive to intuitions; be more creative and live happier and more successful lives. Benefits of secular meditation will soon be noticed in all areas of one’s life, by starting with a simple daily 15 minutes mindfulness meditation exercise.

In summary, the hardships and challenges of living in today’s world give us the responsibility to find ways of bringing order and healing to it. The daily practice of mindfulness meditation will protect us from being identified only with our thoughts and emotions. It will help us to live in this moment consciously and fully; it will give us peace of mind and heart, calmness, concentration, and happiness that we seek. Researchers are producing mountains of evidence that meditation can boost satisfaction, improve health and reduce burnout. Various studies – many of them completed or underway at U of T itself – have shown that a regular practice of mindfulness meditation can result in increased immune response and brain activity, as well as general stress reduction.