Self-compassion practice:

Find your posture, comfortable and upright. When you’re ready, gently close your eyes, or gaze down in front of you, whichever you feel comfortable with at this moment.

Feel the weight and heaviness of your body, that grounding downward force of gravity. Feel where your body touches the chair or the ground and let everything sink down through there. Just relaxing. Maybe even saying the word “relax, relax.” silently to yourself a few times and let any tension or tiredness in the body drain down and out.

Take a few deep breaths, feeling any ease or relaxation as you exhale. Take a few moments to notice your whole body sitting and breathing.

Now let’s do some heartfulness. Picture someone in your life that you see regularly who makes you smile. It could be a grandparent or parent; an aunt or uncle; a friend, it could be your baby brother or sister, or a pet. See their face in your mind. Imagine them looking at you, smiling. See the warmth, the kindness in their eyes. Now imagine them sending these wishes to you. Hear their voice, or just imagine they’re thinking these thoughts and sending them to you: “May you be happy… May you be healthy… May you be peaceful.”

Repeat the phrases (or your own) slowly. Hearing them sending these wishes to you. See if you can let their friendship and care in.

“May you be happy… May you be healthy… May you be peaceful.” Notice how you feel inside, receiving these wishes.

Now, let’s offer some of these good wishes to ourselves.

“May I be happy… May I be healthy… May I be peaceful… May I be kind to myself, and accept myself just as I am.”

Repeat the phrases silently, sending these good wishes to yourself.

If your mind wanders, that’s okay. When you notice, gently let go and bring your attention back to offering those good wishes again. When you’re ready, you can let your eyes open slowly. Look around the room and notice how you feel right now.

Love & Blessing