Social emotional skills are the essential skills for success in school, work and life.

1- Self- Awareness: The ability to identify your emotions to be able to tie thoughts and feelings to behaviors.

2-Self- Management: The ability to self-motivate, to have the self-control to regulate self-emotions.

3-Social Awareness: Is about embracing diversity, showing empathy for others.

4-Relationship Skills: The ability to work cooperatively with someone to resolve a conflict.

5-Responsible Decision Making: Is considering the well-being of self and others.”



In this great video the school faculties are talking about the importance of social emotional learning for our kids, and the important part of it is how to teach our kids to train their minds, and learn to look at their emotions and feelings,  learn how to stay calm and still in a difficult situation, learn to practice empathy and compassion and how to improve these great human skills in themselves.

When we teach our students mindfulness meditation, we give them the techniques to enable them to be aware of their own behaviors, we teach them the ability to respond rather than react to any given situation.

They learn how to work together as a team, how to respect each other, and treat others the way they want to be treated so to speak! They will learn the ability to work in a group, and eventually, they will learn how to be successful in their life!


Gita Nilforoush

Published: April 14, 2016

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