Mindful breathing developing focus attention, Mindful listening

The truth is that the moment we begin to cultivate the practice of mindfulness, we are immediately confronted by the reality of attention. our lives are driven by endless distractions. When we find the time to sit quietly with eyes closed, bringing our attention to the sensations of breathing–we also find our attention is often quite scattered, our minds start wandering and can be hard to pin down,

The key here is to pay attention to our in & out breath, with the attitude of acceptance, kindness, and curiosity. When our mind wanders and we notice, those are the moments of mindful awareness, congratulate ourselves that we noticed and kindly bring our attention back to the breath and the body.

Now Let’s Practice together:

Please go to your Mindful posture, sit with your back straight relaxed yet alert, like tree reaching for the sun.

Your eyes can be closed or open with a soft gaze

Take a few deep breaths and breathe out thoroughly

Allow your attention to be aware of your in & out breath

When you breathe in say to yourself: I am aware of my in breath

When you breathe out say silently to yourself: I am aware of my out-breath, when your mind wanders notice it, be aware of it, then in your out breath let go of any sensations or feelings experiencing in the body and mind

If you feel you are losing focus, find your anchor, find your anchor word, and breathing in, and breathing out

Once you get distracted and your attention swept away from your breath, just notice it, this is the moment of awareness, kindly bring your attention back to your breath and the sensations of the body.

Now I like you to take a few deep breaths and bring your attention to your ears, and listen carefully to the sounds in your environment, the sound inside the room you sit, sounds of your breath, and the sound outside for a few moments listen mindfully …, listen to all the sounds around you.

Then bring your attention back to your breathing, come back to this moment, come back to center…, and when you are ready open your eyes.

Thank you, Gita