Find a comfortable place to sit with your back straight and your body relaxed.

Allow your eyes to close or you can shift your gaze downward, choosing the option that feels right to you at this moment.

Next, I’ll invite you to think about something positive in your life, something you are grateful for. It could be a person or an event or achievement, anything that makes you happy.

If it feels okay, you could bring a slight smile to your face. Perhaps there is one word that represents this pleasant thing or how you are feeling right now. You could say that word to yourself silently a few times.

Notice how it feels in your body as you spend some time thinking about this thing that you are grateful for at this moment. Perhaps you notice relaxation, warmth, or lightness. Maybe you notice a smile or some good feeling inside.

Now think of another thing in your life that you’re grateful for: a person, something that happened, something you have or enjoy doing. Again, make it as specific as possible.

As you think about that, notice how you feel. Let yourself really receive this thing for which you’re grateful. How does it feel to appreciate it? Where do you feel that in your body?

To finish, let’s bring your attention to the body. Let all of those things go, and just feel the sensations of your body sitting and breathing, for a few moments.

Whenever you are ready, let your eyes open slowly. Look around the room and notice how you feel right now.

Thank you

Love & Blessing