Mindfulness practice for your day!

Please go to your mindful bodies and let your eyes closed or leave them open with a soft gaze.

Take tree beep breaths.

Notice how your mind and body feel at this moment.

Relax and let go of any feelings or emotions experiencing and this moment.

Nothing to do, nowhere to go, just be present in this moment.

Notice your feet on the floor.

Check for any sensations, tingling, numbness, any temperature, cold or warm.

Notice your hands on your lab

Check for any sensations.

This time bring your attention to the sounds in your environment

And listen carefully to the sounds around you, sounds of my voice, the sound of your breath, and the sound outside.

Just listen for a few more breaths to the sounds around you, see if you can hear any sounds inside your body.

Now I would like you to bring your attention to your body, to the chair you sit on.

Notice the touch points of the chair or cushion with your body.

Then gently come back to center, to this moment, to this breath, notice your body breathing, open your eyes when you are ready and go on with your day.

Thank you