Open field of awareness meditation:

Let your bodies be still,

Let your eyes close, or gaze softly

Settling into its posture,

bring your awareness to how the body is feeling at this moment, just come home to the body. Body is really a concept you are hearing its sensations, temperature, tightness and so on…, connect to the sensations of the body

Just allowing yourself to settle back, and sit comfortably

If you feel sensation in your body, just softening your face, your eyes, your shoulders…

The sensations are simply come and go

In the space, we call awareness

Nothing to do, nothing to have, just bodily sensations arising and passing

Just like a twinkling star on the open sky

The sensations simply being known by awareness

How is it feel to be aware, to know you know

Nothing to do, nowhere to go, just be in the moment

Be present and aware, be here, now

Now I like to invite you to notice your thoughts and emotions

Any thoughts or emotions come to your mind, simply notice them, name them, let them be, and let them pass from the blue sky of your mind

Then simply come back to your breath, come back to this moment

Nothing to do, nothing to have, nothing to be

Just these mental sensations, bodily sensations coming and going

Like the twinkling star in the open sky

Is it possible to simply rest in the field of awareness, rest in knowing?

Just notice what is it like to know that you are aware, is it possible to rest in this spacious mindfulness?

Awareness that can hold sounds, thoughts and sensations

You don’t need to accomplish anything right now, just be in the moment….

Then on your next breath, kindly bring your attention back to your breathing, come back to this moment, come back to centre, and slowly open your eyes…., and finish this mindfulness practice session, and go on with your daily activities

Thank you