We are all familiar with some of the patterns that have been engraved in our minds from our childhood. We unconsciously keep repeating the same old patterns again and again. Does this sound familiar to you?
How do you break through these patterns that have been imprinted in your subconscious mind?

There are patterns of perception in our minds that have been developing since our childhood. We have been conditioned by the way we have raised, the way we were taught to react to different situations, the way our parents treated us, what our teachers at school taught us, and the set up of the society as a whole.

By practising mindfulness meditation and observing our thoughts and behaviours in the moment, gradually we would be able to start developing a witness, and eventually waking up out of our patterning and the habitual behaviours that have been established in our subconscious minds from our childhood conditioning, and our past lives.

By cultivating the ability to pause, being open, bring clarity, recognition and proper response instead of automatic reactions, observing and recognizing our patterns; we will be able to make new choices, allowing for new possibilities and outcomes.




When we can observe our thoughts during meditation without judgment, negative or positive, we have developed a Witness. By noticing how these thoughts make us feel, we can start naming the emotions that come to us. This process allows us to bring that recognition to the conscious mind moment by moment. By regular practice and making conscious what has been unconscious, the power of the shadows and their patterns in our minds and lives will be reduced and gradually it will be diminished!

Our feelings are the way in which our subconscious minds communicate with us. When we are consciously being aware at each moment; we can observe and act without reaction or attachment to these feelings. This clarity of mind means we will be able to see our patterns clearly and therefore avoid repeating them unconsciously. Mindfulness meditation sheds light on, breaks through and goes beyond human shadows, conditioning, and patterning.


Love & Blessing,
Gita Nilforoush

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