Meditation for gaining energy & healing:

Start by breathing in and out; focus on inhalation and exhalation by concentrating on the nostrils.

Breathing in, imagine absorbing the light, oxygen, and energy through your chest, lungs, stomach and your entire body.
Breathing outlet goes off all tiredness, exhaustion, anxiety, stress, pain, discomfort, or any sensations of rigidity or heaviness. Be aware of any thoughts or emotions that arise; keep letting them go and keep coming back to the breath.

Breathing in, feel the luminous energy coming inside your body & mind; refreshing, energizing and lightening every cell.
Breathing out, imagine letting go of all the strong emotions and feelings of discomfort or pain, as a form of grey clouds. Imagine all negativity going out of your entire body and mind.

Within a few minutes, sensations of ease and comfort arise; as you feel lighter, more relaxed and naturally happier.

Continue this meditation for 10-20 minutes.
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Meditation for loving-kindness, heartfulness:

After doing a 10 minutes breathing meditation, bring your attention to your heart center

In this practice, your location point is your heart. What is the feeling there? Take a few deep breaths through the nose and breathe out slowly, see if there are any strong feelings there breath them out, and relax your heart center.

Now send well wishes to yourself by saying these phrases silently: may I be well, may I be happy, may my mind and body be healthy, and continue for a few minutes…. then visualize a part of yourself that feels sad, aggrieved or experience pain and discomfort at the moment, and breathe into it by wishing it to be well.

This time see if you can bring your attention to any one you know that is not well at this moment, send him/ her well wishes, see if you can extend it to others. Visualize a person or a group of people in front of you, breathe out the light of loving kindness & well wishes to them.

Continue doing this meditation for a few minutes …and stay with the feeling you have at the moment….., then bring your awareness back to the breath.

Close this meditation by wishing yourself and all other beings to be happy and free from suffering, and reach to their fullest potentials in their lives.


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