Five Minutes of Mindfulness Meditation practice:

Bring your awareness to your body. Sit with your back straight, alert yet relaxed, on a chair or a cushion. Let your eyes close, or leave them open with soft gaze whichever you feel comfortable with. Take a few deep breaths in and breathe out gently; Now pay attention to your in and out breath, and bring your awareness to the movement of your belly, chest or nostril while breathing, wherever you feel the breath the most.

When any thoughts, emotions or sensations arise here, simply notice them, acknowledge them. Let them be and let them pass….. Then bring your attention back to your breathing, and to this moment…. breathing in….breathing out….relax your body, clear your mind.

Keep bringing your attention to this moment, and whenever your mind wanders, thinking about the past or planning for future, just notice it and kindly bring your attention back to your breath, and your awareness to the movement of your anchor point (belly, chest or nostril)

Allow your emotions to subside, notice how your mind become clearer with every breath and enjoy the experience…..

Now I want you to take a few deep breaths here and bring your awareness to the room you are in, to the chair you sit on, feel your body… , feel your hands, your legs …move your fingers, stretch your legs, move your toes… then slowly and gradually open your eyes and get ready to come out of this practice.

Thank you