According to the recent article published in The Telegraph, by Sarah Knapton: People can boost their happiness by growing a part of the brain which increases positive thinking, scientists believe.

Aristotle said that ‘happiness depends upon ourselves’ and a new study suggests it is possible to physically grow a happier brain through practices like meditation.
Previous studies have shown that regular meditation can boost grey matter in the precuneus, which could explain why those who meditate report experiencing feelings of general contentment and even bliss.

The scientists behind the finding said it will now be possible to clinically measure what things make people happier. Researchers believe that the precuneus is particularly important for subjective happiness, such as where someone chooses to make the best of a situation and see it in a more positive light.




Prof Paul Dolan at the London School of Economics is a government advisor on how to make the population more contented, and author of the book Happiness By Design claims that many of the things people believe will make them happy are fleeting and can actually alter their lives in a negative way.

“Most things we think will make us happy won’t,” he said “We’re really always happier if we are focussing on the person we are with and the thing we are doing right now. So make that something you enjoy.
“You should listen to music that you like listening to. That has a substantial effect on your mood. Your brain literally lights up. There is no other stimulation like music to arouse the brain.”

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Article published Dec.7, 2015

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