In this great video, Dr Dan Siegel explains how the integration between different parts of the brain work and how mindfulness meditation practices can help this integration to regulate our thoughts and behaviours. he explains how you can change the structure of the brain by knowing how the brain structured.

He illustrates what is the job of our prefrontal cortex and other parts of our brains, and how PFC integrates with the other parts of the body and what is the outcome of this integration!

He says: Prefrontal Cortex integrates Cortex, Limbic area, Brainstem, body and even the social world together. Now when you do a practice lets say like we have wheel of awareness  practice as a form of mindfulness meditation or any kind of mindfulness reflective practices you are integrating  your whole  system, when you are not integrated it can become chaotic and rigid, it is like flipping your lid, so instead of living in harmony within yourself, and harmony and in connection to others, you are literally becoming chaotic with an outburst or rigidly withdrawn “