In this video Dr. Kasim Al-Masha explaines very well what is mindfulness meditation and why we need to practice it regularly. He sees it from the eyes of a phsycologist and explains how it changes your brain structure for the better.
He also explaines how we can reduce the suffering and negativities which are in our mind’s structure and our minds attract them mostly.
He believes even with eight weeks of mindfulness meditation program you can stay present, more focused and concentrated.
He compares this mind training excercise with regular workout for our bodies to keep our body muscles strong. He says whenever we practice mindfulness meditation, we strengthen our brain muscles.
As I always tell my students any time during meditation practice when your mind wonders and you bring it back to your breathing your prefrontal cortex , which is the area responsible for executive functioning and decision making, becomes stronger.


Gita Nilforoush
July 21, 2016

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