Tapping Into Our Innate Abilities

When you practice mindfulness meditation regularly, you simply learn how to be mindful of your eating. As a meditation practitioner, you have a strong mind – body connection. Therefore you would be mindful of what you put into your body, and actually eat when your body needs to be fed, not when you unconsciously feel like to eat and only satisfy your eating habits.

Mindfulness practice teaches us to sit with our uncomfortable feelings with self-compassion, and observe them none- judgmentally!




In this article  published on HuffPost  UK, Alexa Frey describes how mindfulness practice helps us to eat mindfully:

“Every time we eat when we are bored, anxious or even happy, we are eating for emotional reasons. We’re not eating because we are physically hungry and therefore our body doesn’t need to be given food. In such moments, we not only need to tap into our hunger awareness, taste satiety and mindful eating skills, we also need something else to cope with our emotional discomfort or pain. This is where basic mindfulness skills come in.
One of the many things mindfulness teaches us is to learn to accept and sit with uncomfortable states of mind, heart, and body; to accept this very moment as it is – pleasurable, neutral or uncomfortable, and observe it with curiosity and with a non-judgmental awareness. When we feel upset or bored, we often don’t stay with those feelings but immediately feel the urge to push them away. In those moments, a piece of chocolate comes in handy because it momentarily takes our mind off of an uncomfortable state.
Mindful Eating is not about willpower, restriction or following rules. It’s about reconnecting us with our bellies, taste buds, emotions, treating ourselves with compassion and kindness.”



Published Jan. 4, 2016

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