Mindful walking is an informal mindfulness practice that you can do any time during the day, inside or outside, and become more focused, relaxed, and at ease after it.

Bringing mindful awareness to everyday activities is a supportive informal mindfulness practice that can help us spend less time on “auto-pilot.”

Start by bringing your attention to your feet and notice your experience while walking, if the mind wanders, bring it back to noticing your feet again and enjoy the practice. Feel your body while walking. After a few moments, start to notice what walking feels like in the rest of your body. What happens in your legs and hips when you walk? What about your arms? Can you feel walking in your neck and your face?

Try to practice your walking long enough to notice the rhythm of your walk. If your mind starts to wander while you are taking your walk, that’s no problem. Just notice where it is wandering to and then gently bring it back to how your body is feeling during your walk. When you are ready to finish your mindful walk, come back into the mountain pose just like you started. Take a few deep breaths, send a thank-you thought to your feet, and go on with your day.

Thank you for your practice!