In this valuable video, Dr. Daniel Siegel talks about how we can train our student by using technology in promoting self-regulation and self-awareness.

Schools can teach students not only the regular subjects, reading, writing, arithmetic, but also the integrated communication, the three R’s: Reflection, Relationship, Resilience!

When you build a certain kind of approach to reflection, students develop the capacity to mention their feelings and to be able to manage them. When you understand your own feelings and learn to manage them, you actually can understand other people.

You can develop kindness and compassion to yourself and others through practicing Mindfulness Meditation that now we teach in schools. He also mentions here when we think about other people and how to help them, we feel happier than when we think about ourselves.

Then he talks about the mind, the brain and the relationship between them. how the different parts of our brain work and how we can strengthen our Pre Frontal Cortex by practicing mindfulness and teaching our students and also adults how to do so.

“So when you have reflection and you have relationships that are caring and connecting you stimulate the growth of the integrative fiber in the brain, and these are the fibers that allow you to have resilience. So the key to the whole things is this part of the brain that allows you to be regulating your impulses, it allows you to be aware of your feelings, to tune into other people, it allows you to have intuition, it allows you to develop all this so you resilient!”


Gita Nilforoush

Published: March 28, 2017

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