Mindfulness Meditation practice is everywhere these days…..in Businesses, Private Practices, Hospitals, and most importantly in Education! It is amazing to see the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation have been proven internationally in recent years!

In this great video you can see that Mindfulness Meditation has become one of the subjects teaching in many schools in Melbourn, Australia!

“Since 2012 the Smily Mind program has been rolling out across Australia, educators says decision aim to remove the stresses of daily life for nine years old.”  They believe meditation helps students to get a good sleep, it improves their relationship skills, focus and concentration.

It helps students to become relax, obtain the ability to calm themselves down when they are angry, sad or agitated.

It will help them to manage their emotions and become self aware. Students would be able to connect and interact better with each other, their teachers and parents. It helps students to become happy, relax and joyful.


Gita Nilforoush

July 14, 2016

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