Mindfulness Meditation Practice

Bring your awareness to your body. Sit with your back straight on a chair or a cushion. Open your eyes with your gaze down or close them, whichever you feel comfortable with. Now pay attention to your in and out breath, and bring your awareness to the movement of your belly, nostrils or chest while breathing.

When any thoughts or emotions arise here, just observe them and acknowledge them. Let them be and let them go. Then bring your attention back to your breathing.

Keep bringing your attention to this moment, neither following the past nor the future. Allow your emotions subside and notice your mind become clearer with every breath. Simply be aware of your in and out breath.

Continue by focusing your attention on your in and out breath for up to twenty minutes daily. Start gradually and soon you will notice the benefits of this simple mind training practice on many areas of your life.

Practiced regularly, you will experience more balance and clarity in your mind and body. Your ability to focus will increase as you experience your emotions with more awareness. You will be more aware in the moment and make better choices, thereby increasing the quality of well-being in your life.





Meditation with Music:

Sit with your back straight on a chair or cushion, open your eyes with gaze down, or close them, whichever you feel comfortable with.

Meditate by listening to a light music of your choice while being aware of your in and out breath. Concentrate on the music; in this type of meditation, your point of attention is the music. Be aware of any thoughts or emotions that arise in the moment, acknowledge them, accept them and then let them go.

When feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, discomfort, pain or any other strong feelings and thoughts arise, notice them and continue letting them go. Keep bringing your attention back to the music and the movements of your breath.

Continue the meditation for ten to fifteen minutes, then slowly and gradually open your eyes, and get back to your daily activities.


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