Self – Compassion practice:

Sit on a chair or cushion with your back straight & relaxed

Let your bodies be still,

Let your eyes closed, or leave them open gaze down

Take a few deep breaths in and breathe out gently

Relax your body, clear your mind

On your next breath bring your attention to your heart centre

Put your hand on your heart centre

Feel the sensations for a moment

And repeat these phrases after me in your mind:

May I be healthy and strong

May I be happy

May I be peaceful

May I love myself just as I am

May I hold myself in compassion

May I be well

May my mind and body be in balance & centred

Reflect on the feelings arise here for a moment…

Then bring your attention to your breathing, come back to this moment

And slowly open your eyes and go on with your daily activities

Love & blessing