In this wonderful Ted talk Dr David Vago explained how the practice of mindfulness meditation helps us to live a happier and healthier life.
He talked about the advice The Dalai Lama gave him and six other pioneers in this field: ” The Dalai Lama said: you each have the great responsibility for helping to build a happy peaceful world. Millions of people want a happy peaceful world but are lacking the knowledge how to do so, carrying the experiments month by month, year by year, you will gain evidence to convince others. I will watch you whether you are really helping to build a happy and peaceful life.”

At the end, he concludes that the science is beginning to support a role for mindfulness and meditation and improving meta-awareness and decreasing an emphasis on ruminating type of processing, and also to transform the brain and mental habit. So we learned that every thought and emotion is leading to transforming our brain every moment. We have the power at this moment and going forward to choose how you pay attention to your thoughts and emotions, Every moment that becomes an opportunity for you to change the way you perceive the world!


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