Let the body be comfortable and upright, feeling your spine. Feet on the ground, hands on your lap. If it feels alright to you, gently close your eyes.
When you hear the sound of the bell, listen with all of your attention all the way to the end.

Sense the relaxing effects of gravity. Feel that downward force in your body and let your body get heavy. Feel the points that are touching the ground, letting them take the weight of the body.

Take a few deep breaths, and when you exhale, see if you can feel a ripple of relaxation across the whole body.
As your body settles, feel the sensations of your whole body sitting.

Now I want you to slowly bring a smile to your face.
As you smile feel the sensations that you feel around your face.
Hold your smile for a few moments….,. When you smile, how does that make you feel?

Now let’s smile inwardly

Breathing in
Smile to your whole body
Breathing out
Feeling at ease

Breathing in
Smile at every cell in your body
Breathing out
Release any tension, stress, or any other emotion that is present in you

Breathing in
Feeling the joy of being alive
Breathing out
Feeling happy and content

Now smile at every cell in your body and notice that your body is smiling back at you.

Take a moment to notice how that makes you feel!

Whenever you are ready slowly open your eyes, look around and finish this practice.

Thank you,