Imagine that thought are like clouds on the background of the sky of our minds. When the clouds move away gradually, the vast blue sky shines clearly, and you will see with clarity the true reality. When the distracting thoughts and emotions subside, our minds become clearer, and a deep sense of happiness and peace naturally arises from within. With daily practice, awareness of this vastness and this calm and joy will become our new living habit!

Mindfulness is the ability to be aware, of witnessing our behaviors and thoughts in the present moment; it is the ability to observe ourselves moment by moment, without the habitual anxiety of attachments to the outcomes; or with any desires, attractions or repulsions. It is the state of being fully alive with reverence for all life.

By practicing meditation regularly we will naturally live more happily, work more efficiently, be more focused and achieve better results in our daily tasks, and be able to achieve our goals with ever increasing state of calm, joy, and effortless power.


IMG_0421                                      Art work by Mitra Ghaffari


Mindfulness Meditation sets the mind free from its rigid states of attachments, from its attractions and repulsions; from its habits, anxieties and limitations. It connects us to our natural state of being, to our bliss, to our clarity, to our peace and to the source of our power to create. In this state of being, we find our true selves. The virtuous qualities like kindness, calmness, humbleness, childlike lightness of being, creativity, and joy little by little find their way back to our being and open our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our energy fields and our lives. The practice of meditation leads ultimately to realistic attitude and empowered intentions and actions to an improved, happier and healthier lives.

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