“Plant the seed of observation in your mind and it will grow over time by practice “

When we observe our mind during formal mindfulness practice, something amazing happens, the power of our thoughts and emotions that arise at the time will be observed and reduced by practice. Our mind becomes clearer by practicing regularly, and eventually, we get access to the clearer state of mind, where we can be more focused, creative and at peace.

After a while we will notice that we are not attached to our point of views, our opinions as much as we were in the past; we become more open and transparent. We understand the opinions from different angles and can explore them better, and become more creative in our choices.

When we practice meditation and observe our mind, we can witness the awareness within, the essence of who we really are. We will realize that we are not our thoughts and emotions; that we are the awareness intelligent who experiences them.




Artwork by Mitra Ghaffari


It is important to observe all of our perceptions objectively. If we feel pain, acknowledge the pain; if we feel a pleasant sensation, acknowledge that. We can also label or name them, like sadness, memory, pain, joy and so on. It does not matter whether a sensation is pleasant or unpleasant. What matters is being aware of it, observe it, feel it, name it, accept it and kindly let it pass.

Like watching a movie, you might sometimes feel as though you are involved in the movie and experience the ups and downs internally. By awareness, you realize it is not real, it is just a movie; then you can relax and get the most out of the experience. Similarly, when you totally identify yourself with your mind and the stories of your life, you will get lost and controlled by your mind’s interpretations and beliefs.


Gita Nilforoush

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