Strong emotions like fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, and sadness disrupt our energy flow, they are toxic and affect our health if they have not looked at, and let go at the time.

We normally are too busy to pay attention inwardly and look into ourselves, become familiar with our emotions and feelings and see what is going on inside us.

When we meditate daily even for a few minutes a day, we have a chance to sit still and observe our thoughts and emotions, create space, train our minds and purify our perception. With the help of this simple practice, we reduce the power of these negative emotions and the effects of them in our body and mind.

Now a day even mainstream medicine recognized the connection between negative emotional states and physical or mental disease.




Being in the negative state of mind not only harm your own mind and body but also infects all the people around you directly or indirectly. Through a process of chain reaction, countless people you never meet will absorb the negativity. People who carry lots of negative emotions are usually unhappy in their lives.

During the practice of mindfulness meditation we use a powerful technique, which is called: naming emotions, we teach students to silently name their difficult emotions when it comes into their minds at the time of practice, either stay with it, or bring their attention back to their breathing and just acknowledge the emotion and let it be. We also encourage them to be aware of their feelings, emotions, and behaviors during the day.

When you bring the gift of awareness to your life and train your mind to be aware and present, moment by moment, you will reduce the power of difficult emotions.

By practicing mindfulness regularly you will become more positive and happier, and eventually, you will be at peace with yourself and soundings.


Gita Nilforoush

Published: September 27, 2016

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